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joulu23,2009 084I try to figure out what will happen this year?  The entire industry is waiting to see if Apple really is going to make a tablet this time.

People say that we can watch TV in your bathroom, access our audio and video collection from anywhere in the house, control the big screen TV and route video to it from our desktop, laptop or the Internet."

January 26th of 2010 is most likely the date for a presentation. Steve Jobs is expected finally to move this long-broiling rumor toward the line for reality. Is Apple finally going to get a Web tablet out the door and onto shelves and desks everywhere.

Some think, Android and iPhone will kill off all the other mobile phone platforms. Android will be bigger while it will run on all of the "free" cell phones, but iPhone will still be "cooler", and will work more seamlessly with Apple's tablet computer.

Facebook continues to grow and could possibly become as big as Google.  Think about it: this company didn’t exist five years ago. What about Twitter? That thing is growing even faster and is much easier to use by the masses than Facebook.

What about Nokia? Is this company still around ten years from now? What happens to the OVI platform? These are big questions for all of us in Nokialand. Honestly, I don’t know. Big changes need to happen within a few years while Nokia is more like a big production and distribution machine with the capability to produce a lot at low cost. But when will the company start innovating again?

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