The Innovation Train Kicks us out of Muddy Waters

E71_07.11.2009_Loviisa 019It's ironic that “The Train”, one of the symbols of early growth of 1900 which transformed Finland and its transport system, should still have a central role in search for the Finnish "innovation dream" still being alive and well.

The truth is that a majority of Finns now realizes that our country hit by the economic downturn is in irreversible decline. Obviously, China and India can both demolish our manufacturing base. The forest industry might move its investment portfolios to Russia.

China has already taken big portions of modern manufacturing from us, and India will take IT and software away from us in the coming decades, which will finish off that part of our economy once and for all. What will be left for European’s and American’s if vital industries are transferred to low-cost countries?

What are the innovations that will revitalize the Finnish economy during the coming decades? How long can we continue to add the debt load and hope that better times will be around the corner and waiting for us? What’s the next step that will take us out from the mud?

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