iTraining of large organizations as result of #innovaatiojuna


Got Googled The End of the World as We Know It as a Christmas present from New York yesterday and think about #iTraining as a group product. It would be a spin-off from the January 13, 2009 #innovationtrain / #innovaatiojuna performance.

We did start a discussion here yesterday about #iTraining. I try to write blog posts about the content this week. We could have two versions: a) Finnish b) Englsih .

I think about several interesting areas a) Forest Industry b) Energy sector c) eGovernment d) Regional Development d) Building Industry c) EcoCity Sustainable Living d) Education and Knowledge Transfer e) SME's globalization...

There are several areas in the society where high-speed innovation as a process could lead to remarkable savings and performance enhancements.

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