Leaving Sotkamo 19h10 – Kajaani – Oulu – Tampere – Oulu – Helsinki – Loviisa – Kouvola – Kajaani - Sotkamo

tammi6,2010 007

My trip starts at 19h10. Still some work to do before departure. The first thing on my agenda is SAUNA. It’s heating already.

Next, there is some administrative work that needs to be done. The digitalization of daily activities does save a lot of time and it’s the location is becoming less important.

Nevertheless, there is still tons of work to be done to improve the networks to enable ubiquitous computing.

Small things are important. I’ve to travel light. Need to decide the most important gadgets going with me.

  1. Samsung NC20, 3G mobile connection, built in videocam
  2. Olympus Digital Voice Recorder for podcasts
  3. Nokia E71 smart phone
  4. Powershot G5 digital camera
  5. Innovation train t-shirt
  6. Notepads and pencils
  7. Essential personal things
  8. Warm clothes, practical shoes or booths

I need to carry all my stuff with me all the time. The digital camera battery needs to be loaded. I’ve a spare battery as well. Transfer of pictures to the PC. E71 cleaned fro maximum memory space. Synchronization with OVI is ready. Haven’t decided about the role of OVI compared to Flickr. FTP-transfer protocols.

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