Loviisa, Sotkamo, Oulu, Tampere, Oulu, Helsinki, Oulu, Kajaani and Sotkamo

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The innovation train project has been evolving since the summer of 2009. For my part, it started in Sotkamo, continued in Loviisa and now again, I’m up in northeastern Finland and will travel from Sotkamo to Oulu tomorrow, take the night train to Tampere and join the team of the majority of people coming from the Helsinki region.

What will this group achieve? The participants believe in open innovation. This symbolic trip will show if fifty inventive personalities can start a change process in our society. The goals are great and the hopes are probably exaggerated but I’ve a genuine feeling that this is a journey into something very new. The post-recession Finland has to change. This is one attempt to create something completely new.

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