Buzzing from the middle of Snowhere


I’ve been microblogging with Google Buzz for two days and I feel this time Google brings to us something that is more than Orkut.

What’s so good about it? Buzz is out there in public for the first days and a lot will change during the coming months.

I don’t need to fill a SUBJECT description. Most blogs still have a headline. Microblogs don’t ask for a subject. You just start writing.

The big thing about Buzz is that it will grow very rapidly. Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed and many other services has to change or die. Buzz is challenging the microblogging format with a huge gmail customer base.

I hope for a consolidation within the social media sphere. We’ve seen too many innovations. It’s time for all of us to get back to WORK. We just need a few platforms, not a myriad of alternatives.

There’s a need to make social networking and collaboration productive or it will decline to a therapeutic exercise.

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