Innovaatiojuna Innovationtrain and Aalto on Tracks


There’s been talk about the Innovationtrain 2.0 with destination to The World Expo in Shanghai.

We had some talk about flying mission in Qaiku. It could take place after the summer. The intention would be to make an extensive export – import drive during the mission.

The Aalto Innovation University of Helsinki is planning a long train trip from Helsinki to Shanghai. Take a look at Aalto on Tracks. They plan a trip with 100 participants.

I see no competition between these missions. The Aalto university has more resources than the self-organizing Innovaationjuna group.  The flight in October and November could consist of 20 to 50 people. Sponsors urgently needed. I guess the budget should be 50 000 to 100 000 euro to make an impact.

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