iTraining builds success around networking people

E71_24.10.2009_Sotkamo 044 All successful projects build communities of supportive engaged activists who identify with the project and keep it productive and useful.

The best seminars are about the other people you meet during lunch or the coffee breaks. Traditional congresses don’t give participants a great deal of freedom to participate and engage in the development.

The same problem applies to training and business coaching. There is no value to have one person speaking and forcing hundreds to listen when we talk about adult education or business management training.

  • Give credit and and air-time to resourceful people (figuring out together as a working team)
  • We start from an idea or problem definition (one page, photos, graphics…)
  • Internet provides easy online preparation, action documentation and training feedback

The first step is to build an iTraining community of experienced coaches. I want to see participants supporting each other. It’s essential to get people excited about the prospect of online and open collaboration.

  • Start with the basics, understand the basic skills of the participants
  • Many people have still not ever sent a picture to someone or a server with a cell phone
  • Make it simple (KISS) to start with and start communicating
  • There is space for everybody, we don’t need to restrict or limit

We’ve to build a tight feedback loop between those who participate in seminars and those who can provide continuous support and advice over Internet.

  • Creating a sustainable business development model for improved productivity
  • The web is available for interactive coaching
  • We’ve to be absolutely open
  • Together we’re able to find better solutions or more valid questions

The goal is to create an environment where iTrainers and participants can support each other, and to make it easier to implement the wanted change management programs. 

  • Sometimes we work towards the impossible
  • Celebrate success and compete to reach a higher level
  • Give people the opportunity to find new universes in their daily work
  • We often start out in foggy environment and end up placing data in the cloud

Descriptive model for the network you build:

  1. Speed (how fast can the team figure it out?)
  2. Insight (illustration of problem or goal, get people to talk and exchange ideas and questions)
  3. Avoid secrecy (blog, wiki, social media, Twitter, FB, Qaiku, Ning, etc.)
  4. Is bigger always better? We never know…
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