One to three new nuclear power plants

IMG_0004The Finnish parliament has to decide, this spring or this year, how many nuclear power plants we’re going to build to ensure “clean and cheap energy” for the Finnish industry.

We’ve two nuclear power plants in Loviisa and two in Olkiluoto, at the west coast, and a third is under construction in the same area by Areva.

If the politicians decide about one more, it’s possible that Fennovoima will build one in Simo – in northern Finland. The Loviisa I and II would get an extended life of perhaps twenty years and that would mean that life would continue as usual.

With three new mills, one could come to Loviisa, one to Simo, and the third one to Olkiluoto. That would provide a proper distribution of units and ensure the availability of employees to build the plants.

It would be nice to have your opinions about 1 to 3 plants in Finland. The green party is in favor of nuclear free energy productions.

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