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140120105387 I learned a bout Random Access Radio through Paul Swanson. Let’s take a journey to the RAR home page:

“What are we all about?  Well, RAR (Random Access Radio) was developed from a thought to give the listeners a little more than a recorded podcast at the original show “Sound Check with CK.” It was merely an extension of the studio podcast that needed…in my opinion a way to engage the listeners and make the show more interactive. We have accomplished that here with RAR Live on the Video Channel at LiveStream.

Now the experience isn’t just downloading the show at Itunes or from the website, but now you can see it being produced, chat with me (CK) and also get a chance to interact with others while we are recording the show. The podcast is still alive despite the “live” show because the recording of the show is posted at a later date. All in all, the experience will make you realize exactly how much terrestrial radio is canned.

For those of you who don’t know about the show, it all started in the attic in Chicago in August 2007.

I was a blogger who wrote about sports, life, politics, and current events. I was also into taking pictures of the amazing Chicago sunsets, but I still had that passion to be heard. It was at this time that Sound Check, the “virtual round table”, was formed. We had a format that if you listen to any of the episodes before Episode 86, you will hear opinions from many different contributors. Sound Check was blessed to have such opinionated people on the show, and that’s what made it interesting.

After seeing the show mature and people start doing their own things, I decided to take a break and that is when Sound Check took a 2 month break to start Random Access Radio. It was a short stint on the web that saw a great name going in a direction that wasn’t to my liking. Things changed in a hurry. We backed off that production and kept things quiet for a bit and started up Sound Check again with what the passion was all along – music.

Starting with Episode 88, Sound Check went from the “virtual round table” to the “All Request Podcast” just from asking people on Twitter “What is your favorite Classic Rock song?”

That was all we needed.

The seed for RAR was planted and no one knew it. The live show was being worked on behind the scenes and the show was to go live right on schedule. With the help of Paul Swansen and my friend Dizzy from Georgia and others(*), the show was tested, software was tested, video was tested and we were ready to broadcast.
So, now all you have to do is tune in on Tuesday nights at 9:15 pm EST at www.livestream.com/randomaccessradio for the video, chat and music, or at www.randomaccessradio.com for the live audio stream only.Tune in and give us a chance to play your favorite songs!

If you have something you would like to add to the “About Page”, please send it to ck@randomaccessradio.com

Thanks and I hope you enjoy the show!


(*) Mari Adkins from Lexington, KY contributed to the editing of the “About” page. Many thanks go to Mari and here support for Random Access Radio!


Here is what some of the supporters of Sound Check and Random Access Radio are saying:

Tired of commercial radio? Tired of not hearing what you want to hear? If you’re not listening to RAR, you’re missing out! RAR is the best online radio I’ve ever listened to.

RAR isn’t about genre or decade – except for when it is. RAR is a rare gem indeed.

RAR is a Ballroom Blitz …

Mari Adkins from Lexington, KY and on Twitter!

“Random Access Radio is that goodness for your ears and soul for when you’re road tripping and you need some music to jam to!”

“With a name like RAR, it’s like a great Old Dirty Bastard (RIP) song, you’ve got to like it raw!”

Dee from www.obsessivesneakerdisorder.net


“Two thumbs up for CK and his RAR podcast! Great quality of music to be heard here. CK is truly devoted to his fans and just makes it fun for everyone! You never know what he will play next!”

Samantha – Find her on Twitter HERE


How do I feel about the content found on Sound Check or Random Access Radio, or just in general, created by CK? How do I feel?

I am a deep, dark bottomless pit of desperation and need- a need that can only be filled by great music. Great music provided by CK and Sound Check/RAR and all the great friends who push/encourage/berate CK. Its fun. I like it. And I highly recommend it. If I’m lying, may God take away my chocolate and my shoes.

Sherry Martin aka Spiffy :) HUGS!”


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