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Combined Heat and Power for the world market

CHP and distributed local heat and power production in 0,5 to 20 MW plants.  Where should we start? Is there a way to expand with new sales and collaboration models?The traditional model starts with national sales; the platform and reference base has to be built in the local market. Next, you start to approach your neighbors: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Baltic countries, Poland, Hungary, etc. Russia is a big challenge. There is a lot of competition in the traditional Western European markets. But is all this wrong if we work out from a collaborative business approach? I think so. The world has changed a lot and knowledge transfer can take place in very different environment.

Market Oriented Capacity Reservation System

Old pictures and drawings are fun. They show that the world didn’t change as much as we tend to think. This one is from 1986 and the quality of the picture is poor, but it has an important message to me. Basic production processes are operating within the same frameworks even today. Computer systems are much more advanced but the computers do only have an assisting role in the production process. They are good for planning, automation, logistics operations, etc. but what else can they do?

Kodakprinterink reads Cuvia blog in Finnish language

Cool. I got this mail from Shiela. I could connect to Kodak through this blog in English language:, This is Shiela from We stumbled on your blog while searching for printers related information. We operate the largest Kodak Printer Ink website featuring more than 30,000 blogs. Our site averages 200,000 uniques visitors per month. As a kind note We have featured your blog at would be grateful if you could add the following details to your blogs main page. Kodak Printer Ink Cartridges Looking forward for your confirmation. Thanks Shiela

Tallinn Blogfest 2010

I’m speaking about the Finnish blogospehere at the Tallinn BlogFest 2010. QaikuOpen DataMikroduuni, MircoworksOpen Innovation and CollaborationThe innovationtrain event (Innovaatiojuna 13.1.2010)Distributed Energy, Social Media, Environmental project managementiTraining, iTrading and change management

I’m glad to speak at the Tallinn Blogfest 25.05.2010

Hi! Congratulations! You won ticket to Tallinn and a stay at Olümpia Hotell!Helge: Thanks for the information. I made a quick video recording with pictures from my hometown Loviisa. Please, consider that this was produced within a few minutes after your announcement. I wanted to send a live comment and my thanks to your organization.

You also won free entrance to Tallinn Blogfest 2010 (25.05.2010), writes Andri Viiand Internet Marketing Senior Project Manager at Altex Marketing. Helge: Andri, that’s great and I’ll prepare a great presentation about the prospects of Open Innovation and Collaboration between Finland and Estonia. There are millions of things we can do together. Social media opens new avenues for cross-border collaboration. Finnish contribution started in this blog: Maybe you would be interested also to present at Tallinn Blogf…

Future Store Concept in Silence

Figuring out the Future Store Concept started according to this picture 1999 and is still an idea that we’ve been talking about in small groups until this year. It’s time to open and start to speak about the Future Store in public. The FSC idea is much older. It started to grow as a brain child already 1987 when we were working with RFID for public transport. Closed garden discussions have to be taken out from behind the walls. I will start to do this during this spring and try to find ways to get the concept to real store environments. We’ve a project in eastern Finland where the concept could be applied within a Digital Villages and Real Estate development project.

Is Fusionopolis in Singapore a success story?

Are anyone familiar with the Fusionopolis project in Singapore? It’s about “where science meets business and arts” and a development by one-north.I got some information about Fusionopolis a few years ago and would like to know how this real-estate project has proceeded. It’s a rather big one and it would be interesting to know how recession-proof this project has been.The conception and building started most probably in good time before the global recession. How many companies are now operating in Fusionopolis? “Fusionopolis will be a vibrant hotspot with world-class facilities for the infocomm, scienece and media enterprises. It will be a playground for the Creative, Innovative and Visionary.”Anyone out there in the blogosphere with information about this project in Singapore?

About election, media and the message in Sweden and Finland

This is a part of a discussion that started in Qaiku yesterday. @hypocrisy@personaleu@oldpolitics@hyvaelama I see several important things in this thread. We've a cross-border discussion about politics and upcoming election issues in Sweden and Finland. I also agree that it's not the media but the message that counts. It would be great to have much more open Qaiku collaboration with you folks at the other side of Aland... and European / Global scale.We've the deepest export dive since 1917, in 90 years, and our politicians don't grasp the dramatic issue of industrial transformation. The single industry related discussion is about having one to three or the green alternative zero nuclear power plants. I'm not against the nukes but we'd need to elaborate what this country has to do to get back to business 2010 - 2020.The Finnish high-tech and mobile miracle isn't innovating as it used to do. We need a ground-breaking remodeling of the industrial landscape. We…

Today a story about a bank

The Finnish banking system is still in a relatively good shape. Their results are down from year 2008 but the prospects for 2010 is that the margins will rise and their profitability improve.A new trend is that banks wants to meet their clients IRL as in real life persons. Online banking has a long tradition in Finland and most people don’t visit the bank offices at all while all payments and transactions take place over the Internet. My digital notebook for today has some interesting notifications about this trend. I might be writing more stories about banks and their intention to get in touch with their customers again.