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This is a part of a discussion that started in Qaiku yesterday. @hypocrisy @personaleu @oldpolitics @hyvaelama I see several important things in this thread. We've a cross-border discussion about politics and upcoming election issues in Sweden and Finland. I also agree that it's not the media but the message that counts. It would be great to have much more open Qaiku collaboration with you folks at the other side of Aland... and European / Global scale.

We've the deepest export dive since 1917, in 90 years, and our politicians don't grasp the dramatic issue of industrial transformation. The single industry related discussion is about having one to three or the green alternative zero nuclear power plants. I'm not against the nukes but we'd need to elaborate what this country has to do to get back to business 2010 - 2020.

The Finnish high-tech and mobile miracle isn't innovating as it used to do. We need a ground-breaking remodeling of the industrial landscape. We would need hundreds of SMEs to step forward with own products and systems for the global market. We need to get out of our Europe dependence. And our existing politicians are still mostly thinking about national, regional and municipality issues.

The mental mind-set is over one hundred years old

There is almost nobody talking about this much needed remodeling. Ok, I'm exaggerating a little... but there is no imaginative talk about how we should finance the well-fare state and the modernization of Finland.

There are small groups in Qaiku #Suomi2 with interesting ideas and innovative approaches but this is not a platform for power brokers, yet. The single most important re-industrialization issue would be to transform at least one hundred SME's go growth companies through effective globalization of operations.

There is a potential for such an expansion but they need to move from sub-supplier status (to Finnish big industries) to independent organizations with world class products. I see how it could happen but there isn't even public talk about how this transformation should be organized.

It'd be nice to know how Sweden is tracking it's way out from the global economical crisis. Do you've a formula that could be applied to Finland as well?

A smaller evolution to improve the productivity of 24/7 society is microworks organization (mikroarbete). We've counted that if every Finn would buy microwork for one euro per day every year, that would lead to an annual business of 2 billion euros.

I didn't bring up social politics or well-fare issues but methods to pay the bill. It's possible that this isn't good politics at all while the average voter isn't motivated about the national cash-flow. But if we don't get this changed, Finland can soon start to advertise itself as the northern Greece. Our debt load is growing with a dramatic speed. If we don't get a change now, the problems will be much deeper 2015 - 2020.

What should we do to make this a milking cash-cow again?

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