I’m glad to speak at the Tallinn Blogfest 25.05.2010

Hi! Congratulations! You won ticket to Tallinn and a stay at Olümpia Hotell!

Helge: Thanks for the information. I made a quick video recording with pictures from my hometown Loviisa. Please, consider that this was produced within a few minutes after your announcement. I wanted to send a live comment and my thanks to your organization.

You also won free entrance to Tallinn Blogfest 2010 (25.05.2010), writes Andri Viiand Internet Marketing Senior Project Manager at Altex Marketing.

Helge: Andri, that’s great and I’ll prepare a great presentation about the prospects of Open Innovation and Collaboration between Finland and Estonia. There are millions of things we can do together. Social media opens new avenues for cross-border collaboration.

Andri: Maybe you would be interested also to present at Tallinn Blogfest?  Topic could be anything from simple overview of Finnish blogosphere or some new blogging related trends or tools?

Helge:  Sure, I’ll talk with you and your associates in Finland.

Andri: Your presentation could even be in Finnish - I don't think that would be a problem.
Please consider presenting at Tallinn Blogfest and let me know.

Helge: I can speak in Finnish or English or in Swedish.

Andri: In any case - even if you are not interested in coming to Blogfest - you still won a free trip/stay and I will give your contact details to our assistant Maarja - so you can agree dates/details for your prize trip to Tallinn.

Helge: I enjoy the invitation and hope to speak with you soon about the presentation. Irja and myself will be there and it’s not the first time we’re building bridges between Estonia and Finland. I can cover an interesting evolutionary project that started several years ago. Digital Villages has been one of the themes since we started. More about this later…
Best Regards,
Andri Viiand
Internet Marketing Senior Project Manager
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Estonia Mobile: +372 553 1434
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