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Craig Newmark Founder of Craigslist posted April 4, 2010 03:29 PM: “Mostly, I feel that much of the hype is justified.”

Personally, I think iPad will have an important role in my professional life in the beginning of next year: 2010.

My idea is to transform it to a presentation platform that we can “give away” to our bioenergy and environmental customers, clients and partners. The most important stuff can be downloaded to the machine for instant presentation: movies, pictures, presentations, technical information and CHP-plant details.

Multitasking wanted by most users

Craig’s opinion: “They did a really good job of engineering the device and keeping the price down. You can find plenty of people talking about that. I recommend the reporting from Consumer Reports, since they're totally trustworthy” and continues “You do want to be aware that the iPad has unusual USB charging needs.”

Craig Newmark would like to see multitasking, and he thinks “have confidence we'll see it”. Multitasking has been discussed by both iPad critics and enthusiasts.

Craig Newmark would like it because:

  • he wants to listen to stuff in the background, like NPR
  • Many apps need to do a lot of work to restart properly, like Twitter

Again, a really good job of engineering from the Apple people. It looks like another great product. Some of the aspects will become evident after two to three years. Apple has probably done it again.

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