Is technology or nature leading towards dramatic changes?

april19_2010 025 The 21st century will be the century of change. Some people say that “more changes will change in more places in the next 10 years than in the previous 100”. Most countries are not ready for this dizzying ride. How about little Finland?

Writing a best selling change management program after the earth quakes in Haiti, Chile and China shouldn’t be difficult. The latest addition to the global change program are the ash clouds from Iceland. Cloud computing comes second to nothing compare to the power of the natural eruptions.

In these days I do support the idea of “small is beautiful” and catastrophes can happen as long as they don’t start happening in my backyard. Small changes are wonderful but the disruptive one’s should take place somewhere else. I’m only capable to take care of minor things. I can talk about huge transformations but don’t take the drama too close to my home place.

I guess, I’m becoming a conservative who would like to live a peaceful life in my little town an just watch the big events on my TV. Dramatic changes aren’t fun when they are getting closer and closer to my well managed daily life.

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