Nokia makes a lot of phones

nokiantestariNokia makes a lot of phones. Most of them are good for basic telephony and text messaging.

Nokia knows how to produce at a low cost and the company has a great distribution organization in Asia, Africa and South-America.

Nokia does still have a big market share in Europe. Nokia’s role in USA is declining and it’s close to zero in Japan. What about Russia.

Nokia’s phones does connect to the Internet. Surfing around should and could be easier.

Nokia has been developing an iPod killer for years. We’ve not seen that fantasy gadget yet.

There will be a new Symbian operating system available after the summer seasons. The Symbian promises to enable better smart phones. It’s true that Nokia sells more “smart phones” than Apple, but how smart are they?

I’ve a Nokia E71 and it’s good for SMS (text messaging). I like the camera and the video is useful. It connects to the OVI service but I don’t know what I should do there.

Today, I updated the FREE navigation and it wasn’t as painful as the E71 complete program updating. I didn’t like the way I lost quite a lot of valuable information.

Nokia has huge challenges: Symbian, the killer phone, America, Japan and soon Europe. Is the company going to make it?

How much time does the company have? Something dramatic has to happen before Christmas.

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