On the road along National Route 5

april2_2010 095On the road yesterday from Loviisa to Lahti and further on to Mikkeli, Kuopio, Iisalmi, Kajaani and Vuokatti. That’s the tourist center.

This building is along the road between Iisalmi and Kajaani.

That’s a mythical place: M. A. Numminen mentioned about the Baari in his book about beer.

I’ve never been inside but the myth exists. I’ve been traveling past this building hundreds of times but never ever had the chance to drag my feet inside.

It’s not a big deal but I got a photo of the building while in the back-seat and Olli was driving. I’m curious.

Next time I might get the opportunity and promise to write more details about this building.

Does anyone know about the Baari?

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