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Networking has been around for a long time

Networking isn’t a new idea. I was building business to business networks in the 70’s. Internet didn’t change my network strategy as much as I imagined.Before Internet and Social Media, the network idea was more personal. Today, many people have 50 000 friends in their Twitter or Facebook accounts.But if you want to get something done in your social network, it’s still the quality of your relationship that counts. Nobody can be "a real friend” with 50 000 individuals. Personal branding and broadcasting is another aspect. Sure, we can broadcast messages to millions. Internet celebrities can use their friendship status to deliver their message to a large population. They seldom collaborate on even terms with their friends.

Cleaing up Estonia: 50 000 people and five hours

YouTube comment: All this trash was sorted by different types of garbagge- dangarous garbbage, glass, car wheels etc, and according to that it went to reproduction or burning or smaller amount to garbagge hills. We tried as much as possible to send to reproduction. Firstbuddy7 6 months ago.

Is the iPad a Netbook killer?

Posted by  Annie Colbert to Holy Kaw! Could the iPad kill off the cutesy, fun-size computers that emerged as the hot tech trend over the past couple years? In short: maybe. New data from Retrevo finds that consumers currently considering a lightweight laptop alternative overwhelming (78 percent) favor Apple's new tablet gadget over a Netbook. Given the choice, would you go with a Netbook or an iPad?Full story at Retrevo.Tons of iPad news.Helge: A Netbook is still a great device if you’ve to write a lot while traveling, but I guess the iPad becomes the frequent travelers first choice while it’s easy to use wherever you want; the battery life is important as well. iPad is the best choice for seminars while it’s more handy than a Netbook. It will also bee the first choice “leaning back” home computer for reading, viewing and surfing. It’s the emerging platform form future news”paper” reading.

The Estonian blogosphere – The Estonian Mr. Internet

LNR BLG is written or aggregated by Linnar Viik. I promised to analyze the Estonian blogosphere based on recent experiences from the Tallinn BlogFest 2010 eSocial at Hotel Olümpia May 25, 2010. The LNR BLG is written in English and spotted it at Blogs station but I still need to learn who Linnar Viik is.  80 kilometer to Estonia but still a long distance EU Business writes: “Estonia's Internet guru Linnar Viik helped his country hook up to new technologies after independence from the Soviet Union to become in 13 years the most technology savvy country set to join the European Union.”Let’s take the next step and search for more information about Linnar Viik? Wikipedia gives the following background. Linnar Viik is an Estonianinternetguru. Currently he is an associate professor of intellectual capital theory in the Estonian IT College.He is a founder and member of the boards of several mobile communications, broadband and software companies, former advisor to the Prime Minister of E…

Tallinn BlogFest 2010 eSocial May 25, 2o1o

I’ve to wake up at 6 am early in the morning. I take public transport from Loviisa to Helsinki. The Viking Xprs is departing from Helsinki Katajanokka May 25, 2010 at 11:30 and arriving to Tallinn at 14:00. It takes thirty minutes to walk to the Reval Olümpia Hotel.  The first thing to do is to make a video performance in English language.We’ve started a very important post-innovaatiojuna discussion in Qaiku. We’re going to make great improvements in the field of social networking.

Take it easy – there is a second life!

What should we do with the drunken soldier?  I’m talking with a number of my friends about the future of Internet.There is the danger for a strictly controlled environment with little understanding for the real life.Finns are trying to think how to move ideas and concepts from the written paper to realities.That’s a great job for pragmatic and engineering oriented Finnish organizations. But that’s not going to be enough in the future. We’ve to develop a broader survival strategy including the needs and understanding of contemporary individuals.

The Scandinavian Blogosphere

USA does still inspire the development of blogging in the Nordic and Baltic states.Sweden has a number of very successful female fashion bloggers attracting huge numbers of readers and up to 200 comments of a single posting isn’t unusual.The blogosphere in Finland does have the same kind of fashion bloggers but we’ve a smaller population. Some of the Swedish girls have been making big money with their blogs through sponsoring. The cash-flow to popular Finnish bloggers is however much smaller.I learned today that 32 763 Finns are using Twitter. The Facebook population is much larger. I figure that the number is close to one million users.  The IRC Gallery is populated by teenagers and young people and is supposed to have about 800 000 members. Need to check these numbers before BlogFest in Tallinn. Swedish political bloggers will have a show-case during the upcoming elections. A few popular bloggers are trying to step into politics with the support of a big audience reading their blogs…

Digital Villages is a concept in development

Digital Villages is still a concept searching for a proper place to give birth to all the ubiquitous possibilities made possible through the digitalization of the media industry.But there is much more we can do. Digitalization of social interaction is just one segment of the future digital village. We’re talking about the Future Store and its possibilities in a modern post-consumer oriented society. There are huge new possibilities for intelligent future oriented people waiting around the corner. Take a look at what we talk about in Qaiku.

What does Arengufond – the Estonian Development Fund?

The Tallinn BlogFest 2010 | 25.4.2010 at 7.20 pm Can social media grow Estonia? Ott Pärna, CEO, Arengufond  | Ott describes the Estonian Growth Vision initiative and respective challenges for public engagement. Delegates will be invited to discuss and debate the role of social media helping meet the challenges issued at the recent Futures Forum 3. The Growth Vision core team will follow up with the best and brightest ideas and people.Arrengufond can be compared with the Finnish Sitra (Suomen itsenäisyyden teollistamisrahasto). Ott Pärna, CEO, Arengufond, has the same job as Esko Aho did have before he moved to Nokia. The present CEO (yliasiamies of Sitra) is Mikko Kosonen. Let’s jump inside the ArengufondThe Development Fund's FUTURES FORUM 3 "Globally Competitive, Locally Attractive Estonia in 2018"  on 6 May 2010 at 10-17 at the Chamber Hall of Theater "Estonia" This year's (2010) Futures Forum was the kick-off for the wider discussion of Estonia's mi…

Figuring out things in advance

7.45 Social Media Marcomms Strategy: Robin Gurney altex marketing (English) Robin details the questions you need to ask inside your company before engaging in social media and suggests some metrics for measuring the business value.I continue to think about “the million possibilities” bloggers and social media content producers could do to enhance the collaboration between Estonia and Finland – and why not between the Baltic region and Scandinavia.First, we need travel blogs telling about travel and tourist experiences. Photo- and videoblogs could feature specific routs and tell about places to visit. These stories could be continues when travellers are adding new information over time. Example: Hantverksrundan – The route of arts and crafts Second, what do we know about consumer oriented industries? Small and big businesses should be opened up to give a kind of Big-Brother insight into the corporate life. Business Big Brother turning inside outThird, any reporting and digital storyte…

Tallinn BlogFest 2010 – May 25, 2010 – Olümpia hotel

ProgrammeDoors open. Networking. Coffee and biscuits.5.00pm
Welcome by Robin Gurney (English)
NOTE: All presentations in Estonian unless marked
The Prospects of Open Innovation and Collaboration between Finland and Estonia:Helge V. Keitel, KK-Net (Finnish/English)
"There are millions of things we can do together. Social media opens new avenues for cross-border collaboration."5.55
The State of the Estonian blogosphere: Toomas Toots, CEO, Freqmedia Inc. 6.20
The good, the bad and the ugly: Meelis Mandel, Editor in Chief, Äripäev
Meelis chooses some Estonian business blogs and says what's good or bad about them in his opinion.6.35
Volcanic Ash Case Study: How and why Estonian Air, Estravel and the Estonian Foreign Ministry handled the Volcanic Ash Crisis with social media:
Maria Belovas, Uue Meedia Spetsialist, Avaliku Diplomaatia Osakond, Välisministeerium
Mari-Liis Rüütsalu, Turundus- ja Kommunikatsioonijuht, Estravel
Triin Tammert, Project Manager, Estonian…

I wrote this blog August 24, 2004

I wrote this blog posting six years ago. Blogging was a new trend on Internet at that time. People started to speak about social media. A few years later the microblogs became popular. Now, hundreds of millions are blogging. My first personal attempt to “blog” started 1997 with Wiirila Werkossa Wiikottain. It contained short stories about my life in the small village (Wirby the Global Village) where I was born a long time ago.Justin Hall was a sophomore at Swarthmore College in 1993 when he heard about the Web. He coded some pages by hand in HTML. His “Justin’s Links from the Underground” may well have been the first serious weblogs, long before specialized weblog software tools became available. The first visitor to Hall’s site from outside the university came in 1994. He explained his motivations in an email:"Why did I do it? The urge to share of oneself, to join a great global knowledge sharing party. The chance to participate in something cool. A deep geek archivist’s urge to…

Are Windmills the Future

Are windmills and essential part of  the future distributed  energy system? In Germany the thought was that a) Erdol b) Erdgas c) Windenergie d) Solarstrom e) biokraftstoff f) alle zusammen.In Germany nothing is said about nuclear power stations. That seems to be the single minded solution for Finnish energy politicians and the heavy industry lobby.

How social are we in the media?

I will be speaking about Social Media Connecting Industries and Clients in Tallinn, Estonia May 25, 2010 and presenting what Finland and Estonia could do together: The Prospects of Open Innovation and Collaboration between Finland and Estonia, Helge V. Keitel (Finnish/English). Do you've ideas about topics that could improve the connectivity? We’ve a growing discussion about people not always being social but rather anti-social in discussion forums. The minister Astrid Thors is proposing a chief editor for forums to control improper writings about racism and hate-propaganda.  “There are millions of things we can do together. Social media opens new avenues for cross-border collaboration,” writes Robert Gurney, Altex, Estonia. The Tallinn Blogfest 2010 / e!Social May 25, 2010. More information soon!

Tallinn BlogFest/e!SOCIAL

Tallinn BlogFest/e!SOCIALWelcome to the home of Estonia's second BlogFest. Tallinn BlogFest 2010 / e!SOCIAL. It will happen on 25th of May at Reval Hotel Olympia.Tallinn Blogfests are about commercial uses of blogging and social media in general: Visions. Experiences. Inspiration. Tips.A place where social media marketers and bloggers meet.A place where Facebook fans, blog readers, Twitter followers and LinkedIn members meet some of their favourite social media activists, learn about social media and perhaps became inspired to “get social” themselves.At Tallinn BlogFest people hear expert opinions from, and have a chance to voice their questions and suggestions to, corporate and commercial social media marketers.It's targeted at people with a business interest in blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media.Business owners and marketing managers/directors who want to better understand the threats and opportunities of social mediaMarketers who want to improve thei…