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tallinn_2006_230LNR BLG is written or aggregated by Linnar Viik. I promised to analyze the Estonian blogosphere based on recent experiences from the Tallinn BlogFest 2010 eSocial at Hotel Olümpia May 25, 2010.

The LNR BLG is written in English and spotted it at Blogs station but I still need to learn who Linnar Viik is. 

80 kilometer to Estonia but still a long distance

EU Business writes: “Estonia's Internet guru Linnar Viik helped his country hook up to new technologies after independence from the Soviet Union to become in 13 years the most technology savvy country set to join the European Union.”

Let’s take the next step and search for more information about Linnar Viik? Wikipedia gives the following background.

Linnar Viik is an Estonian internet guru. Currently he is an associate professor of intellectual capital theory in the Estonian IT College.

He is a founder and member of the boards of several mobile communications, broadband and software companies, former advisor to the Prime Minister of Estonia on ICT, innovation, R&D and civic society issues.

Earlier occupations include United Nations Development Programme as advisor and Stockholm Environment Institute as Councilor. Linnar Viik has written over 120 articles and 10 reports, mostly on the topics of Knowledge Based Economy and Implications of Information Society, as well as been instrumental in the rapid development of Estonian computer and network infrastructure, as well as the Estonian Internet Voting and eSignature projects.

Cross-border Collaboration

Viik, born in Tallinn, himself went to Finland to finish his studies at Helsinki University of Technology in 1990, the year before independence, at a time the neighbor was itself starting to specialize in technology.

Estonia's proximity helped it catch up with the world's rapid technological developments, and with Viik's help, became a pioneer.

Estonia's border guard was one of the first in the world to exchange information via the Internet.

With the help of Viik's "revolution of elitists" the Internet then spread like wildfire to all sectors of society in the small country of 1.4 million, with hundreds of open Internet points being set up mostly in the countryside.

Networking People to People

Below are some copy-paste entries from his blog posts. I promised to myself during my trip back to Finland to learn more about the people behind the Internet, social media and network developments. I want to move towards a people centric evaluation of important developments. Who are the folks making things happen?

Esko Aho and Niklas Zennström…

Esko Aho and Niklas Zennström on OECD Forum 2010: Green growth and innovation – webcasted

EU Digital Agenda 2020 release…

May 19th, 2010

EU Digital Agenda 2020 released

Estonian IT College 10 yrs ann…

May 5th, 2010

Estonian IT College 10 yrs anniversary week starts on Mon, full programme

Open Estonia Foundation 20 htt…

April 20th, 2010

Open Estonia Foundation 20 today. Happy birthday to us, kudos to all team.


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