Figuring out things in advance

040420101268 7.45 Social Media Marcomms Strategy: Robin Gurney altex marketing (English) Robin details the questions you need to ask inside your company before engaging in social media and suggests some metrics for measuring the business value.

I continue to think about “the million possibilities” bloggers and social media content producers could do to enhance the collaboration between Estonia and Finland – and why not between the Baltic region and Scandinavia.

First, we need travel blogs telling about travel and tourist experiences. Photo- and videoblogs could feature specific routs and tell about places to visit. These stories could be continues when travellers are adding new information over time.

  • Example: Hantverksrundan – The route of arts and crafts

Second, what do we know about consumer oriented industries? Small and big businesses should be opened up to give a kind of Big-Brother insight into the corporate life.

  • Business Big Brother turning inside out

Third, any reporting and digital storytelling should be continuous. It doesn’t help if we’ve a single blog posting or even a spurt of information. That small peace of information will drown in the immense digital ocean. We should learn from those who produce soap operas. They make the actors familiar house-hold names through a continues and detailed focus on the central persons daily lives.

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