How social are we in the media?

22022010659_fighterI will be speaking about Social Media Connecting Industries and Clients in Tallinn, Estonia May 25, 2010 and presenting what Finland and Estonia could do together:

The Prospects of Open Innovation and Collaboration between Finland and Estonia, Helge V. Keitel (Finnish/English).

Do you've ideas about topics that could improve the connectivity? We’ve a growing discussion about people not always being social but rather anti-social in discussion forums. The minister Astrid Thors is proposing a chief editor for forums to control improper writings about racism and hate-propaganda. 

“There are millions of things we can do together. Social media opens new avenues for cross-border collaboration,” writes Robert Gurney, Altex, Estonia.

The Tallinn Blogfest 2010 / e!Social May 25, 2010. More information soon!

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