Is the iPad a Netbook killer?

maj15_2010 023 Posted by  Annie Colbert to Holy Kaw! Could the iPad kill off the cutesy, fun-size computers that emerged as the hot tech trend over the past couple years? In short: maybe. New data from Retrevo finds that consumers currently considering a lightweight laptop alternative overwhelming (78 percent) favor Apple's new tablet gadget over a Netbook. Given the choice, would you go with a Netbook or an iPad?

Full story at Retrevo.

Tons of iPad news.

Helge: A Netbook is still a great device if you’ve to write a lot while traveling, but I guess the iPad becomes the frequent travelers first choice while it’s easy to use wherever you want; the battery life is important as well. iPad is the best choice for seminars while it’s more handy than a Netbook. It will also bee the first choice “leaning back” home computer for reading, viewing and surfing. It’s the emerging platform form future news”paper” reading.

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