The Scandinavian Blogosphere


USA does still inspire the development of blogging in the Nordic and Baltic states.

Sweden has a number of very successful female fashion bloggers attracting huge numbers of readers and up to 200 comments of a single posting isn’t unusual.

The blogosphere in Finland does have the same kind of fashion bloggers but we’ve a smaller population. Some of the Swedish girls have been making big money with their blogs through sponsoring. The cash-flow to popular Finnish bloggers is however much smaller.

I learned today that 32 763 Finns are using Twitter. The Facebook population is much larger. I figure that the number is close to one million users.  The IRC Gallery is populated by teenagers and young people and is supposed to have about 800 000 members. Need to check these numbers before BlogFest in Tallinn.

Swedish political bloggers will have a show-case during the upcoming elections. A few popular bloggers are trying to step into politics with the support of a big audience reading their blogs.

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