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Welcome to the home of Estonia's second BlogFest. Tallinn BlogFest 2010 / e!SOCIAL. It will happen on 25th of May at Reval Hotel Olympia.

Tallinn Blogfests are about commercial uses of blogging and social media in general: Visions. Experiences. Inspiration. Tips.

A place where social media marketers and bloggers meet.

A place where Facebook fans, blog readers, Twitter followers and LinkedIn members meet some of their favourite social media activists, learn about social media and perhaps became inspired to “get social” themselves.

At Tallinn BlogFest people hear expert opinions from, and have a chance to voice their questions and suggestions to, corporate and commercial social media marketers.

It's targeted at people with a business interest in blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media.

  • Business owners and marketing managers/directors who want to better understand the threats and opportunities of social media
  • Marketers who want to improve their reach, reputation and return on investment from social media
  • Independent bloggers who want to gain a commercial angle and network with commercial bloggers
  • Advertising, marketing and media agencies who want to investigate social media opportunities on behalf of their clients
  • Media people who want to investigate the crossover between social media and traditional online media
  • Anyone who wants to network with bloggers and social media marketers in general
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