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Robert Scobleizer four years after Microsoft

Robert talks about video.

Next is Now compresses modern Internet history to 3 min 45 sec

RogersCommsInc — 28.04.2010 — Next is Now depicts the human connections empowered by rapid changes in communications technology in Canada and around the world. Next is Now was produced by Rogers with support from 76design ( and Thornley Fallis (

Music by Young Galaxy (

Facts in Next is Now are calculated based on data from the following sources:
[0:10] Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Information Week
[0:18] 24 hours of video uploaded per minute, The Official YouTube Blog
[0:25] Facebakers, Facebook Statistics Canada
[0:32] Normalized, averaged Facebook growth (Facebook Press Room milestones)
[0:49] iTunes download of The Godfather vs 56kbps
[0:55] Speeds of 50mbps and up in Canada
[1:16] Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association
[1:21] Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association
[1:29] Ipsos Reid Interactive Group
[1:39] Amazon Kindle capacity
[1:43] Bedford Public Library collection: nearly 12,000 bo…

Emotional Intelligence

globalbeehive on YouTube — 18.03.2010 — In this presentation, Daniel Goleman talks about shaping behavior by establishing a measurement system that enable the evaluation of people based upon their "Emotional Intelligence", or what he terms "Managing Emotions via 'Competence Modeling'", essentially linking the concept of 'competence' to a predetermined suite of behavioral responses.