Paul Papadimitriou and other day to day routines

june21_2010 023 Learned about him today through Twitter and he had a story about Japanese start-ups. 

I’d a break and went swimming in the lake. We’ve had around +30 C and it was refreshing.

The Finnish start-up scene resembles the Japanese one. We don’t comment blogs that much.

People write down their thoughts but the discussions take place in Qaiku, Twitter or Facebook. Some folks enjoy to discuss in LinkedIn.

A big problem for Finland is the nationalistic focus. We’re a member of the European Union and the country’s future depends on export, but still, we try to solve miniscule national problems and don’t have an eye for the global needs.

That’s sad, we’ve talented people, but we’re trapped into a market with only five million inhabitants. Much of the development talk about open innovation takes place in Finnish language. That isn’t by definition very open. There aren’t many others outside the borders of Finland able to read our thoughts.

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