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Nordic Investment Bank

Nordic Investment Bank: "Speaking at the Baltic Economic Forum in Riga, NIB President Johnny Åkerholm stressed the role of public and private resources in ensuring the accessibility of financing for growth strategy.

Mr Åkerholm pointed out that the EU Baltic Sea Strategy adopted in 2009 will help stimulate a re-emergence of financial inflows to the Baltic region. It will also help re-engage funds in useful activities, but it will not be enough to jumpstart the Baltic economies.

“More attention should be paid by the Baltic countries themselves to increase their attractiveness to financing in order to be able to finance the large investment needs which loom ahead,” said Mr Åkerholm.

A large majority of the activities included in the strategy falls within the focus areas identified by NIB. In the environmental area, NIB is interested in projects supporting the clean-up of the Baltic Sea and mitigating and adaption to the climate change. The Bank is also eager to participate in efforts …

Nokia’s Green Seeks to Regain Edge as Android Grows - BusinessWeek

Nokia’s Green Seeks to Regain Edge as Android Grows - BusinessWeek: "Nokia’s research and development budget of 5.9 billion euros ($7.7 billion), including 3 billion euros for devices and services, is the largest in the industry. The company spent almost six times as much as Apple on R&D last year. Although it employed more than 17,000 R&D workers in devices and services, Nokia still isn’t leading the charge in smartphone innovation.

“Why can you not see that they have the biggest R&D budget when you get their products?” said Bengt Nordstroem, the CEO of Stockholm-based consulting company Northstream AB. “Something’s not working when the people who have the biggest budget and the most resources cannot translate that strength into something that means something to customers.”

Nokia’s R&D efforts are symptomatic of the broader structural challenges that lie ahead for Green and Elop, both newcomers to the Espoo, Finland-based company. It may be among operations that ri…

Fast Fresh Flow for increased productivity

Digital Wood, Digital Villages, Visual Radio, iTraining, iTrading, 5T, Biotouch, Microworks, Future Store and Fast Fresh Flow are tools for increased productivity in the fields of distributed energy production: combined heat and power.Learned this from Twitter today. Napoleon Hill: “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”It has taken years and years to get all the above mentioned collaboration toolsets and concepts to work together and united as a complete solution-package to transfer knowledge and technology to far-away places. There is still some work to be done. I continue with the documentation of the details and how they are combined in various projects.