Nokia’s Green Seeks to Regain Edge as Android Grows - BusinessWeek

Nokia’s Green Seeks to Regain Edge as Android Grows - BusinessWeek: "Nokia’s research and development budget of 5.9 billion euros ($7.7 billion), including 3 billion euros for devices and services, is the largest in the industry. The company spent almost six times as much as Apple on R&D last year. Although it employed more than 17,000 R&D workers in devices and services, Nokia still isn’t leading the charge in smartphone innovation.

“Why can you not see that they have the biggest R&D budget when you get their products?” said Bengt Nordstroem, the CEO of Stockholm-based consulting company Northstream AB. “Something’s not working when the people who have the biggest budget and the most resources cannot translate that strength into something that means something to customers.”

Nokia’s R&D efforts are symptomatic of the broader structural challenges that lie ahead for Green and Elop, both newcomers to the Espoo, Finland-based company. It may be among operations that risk being shrunk as competition intensifies.

– Lähetetty Google-työkalupalkin välityksellä"
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