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Obama blues in USA

Everything is bad. The jobs are gone, nobody knows, will they ever come back. Lots of people had a of hope of better times. They wanted everything to change over night. It doesn't go that way: the bottom line is that the change will take a lot of time. Much more than the average voter is ready to accept.

People are looking at the political chaos and they are disillusioned. People are used to quick fixes, but instantaneous healing isn't possible.

The US industry has been exporting jobs over-seas for twenty years. The fix is going to take at least that time.

The working class is struggling. The unemployment rate is close to ten percent and much higher in areas like Milwaukee with a high number of Afro-American working class citizens.

The manufacturing Mekka is gone, jobs have been exported and might never come back.
Hoplessness People can't get jobs Lots of people are invisible They don't look for jobs anymoreHunger Task Force is trying to help. It's hard for peopl…

Imagine John Lennon

Imagine all the people in social media today. He'd problems with his green card. I was in New York John Lennon was shot. This is a story from those years: including fun and sadness from yesterday.

John was fighting his deportation thing but continued performing. It scares me to learn about the details. Getting back to the roots, that part is coming out again.

The critics were very tuff on John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Bad reviews in the press was new to John. He was really occasionally going to a dark place. Keep on rolling. Any secrets?

Nixon won the second term 1972. It was the end of the bands session when they heard the results. His victory depressed John. He had to continue his fight against deportation. The administration wanted him out.

It was time to bail. There was a big noise. It was that kind of night. John had an affair with a young woman. That lead to a break in their relationship.

He was a part of the band, John never tried to be someone above and higher but a member o…

I'm moving in

I've a surprise for you. Life in the bioenergy lifeline is moving slowly. It's silly, bioenergy becomes political just like any energy related issues. We need better decisions. Germany seems to be on the right track. There are great prospects in France, Romania, Hungary, etc.