Imagine John Lennon

Imagine all the people in social media today. He'd problems with his green card. I was in New York John Lennon was shot. This is a story from those years: including fun and sadness from yesterday.

John was fighting his deportation thing but continued performing. It scares me to learn about the details. Getting back to the roots, that part is coming out again.

The critics were very tuff on John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Bad reviews in the press was new to John. He was really occasionally going to a dark place. Keep on rolling. Any secrets?

Nixon won the second term 1972. It was the end of the bands session when they heard the results. His victory depressed John. He had to continue his fight against deportation. The administration wanted him out.

It was time to bail. There was a big noise. It was that kind of night. John had an affair with a young woman. That lead to a break in their relationship.

He was a part of the band, John never tried to be someone above and higher but a member of the band.

There was understanding from Yoko Ono's part. She was dealing with it, but their relationship wasn't okay.
They were together 24 hours a day.

John goes to LA to find himself. Good morning Southern California, Hollywood. I wanted to play the song. I'm ready. He was a very powerful song writer. Mind Games.

While musicians were playing he changed the lyrics. Dreaming about the past, John begun to loose control. He was honest, he just said it.

The words he chooses are for everybody. Fever is high. Sensing the future. It was not the cleanest play but he was honest. Slightly out of the tune, that's me, John explained.

LA was a totally new experience. They had a lot of visitors. Ringo made a visit. Everybody was just talking, they'd a lot of fun. He wasn't happy. Yoko kicked him out. John didn't want to be a performing bachelor. He wanted back.

Rock and Roll album. All this writing, songs, being a writer and artist. Here they go, drinking heavily. Most of the players out of their mind, including John.

The wall of sound producer came in sober. John was a little over the top. Give me a clue. John had a 5 gallon vodka right besides his guitarr. Trouble looming around the corner.

He was drinking heavily, it was time for trouble. Laughing hysterically. They didn't question him. This guy was not fun to see when drinking heavily, falling fast, going deeper and deeper into it.

Yoko, you've to come to pick him up.

His friend: I remember a very scary night. There was a crowd that had seen him. The crowd was screaming like insane. Tear him away from the people. He was too strong, screaming Yoko's name. Out of control and there was nobody looking after him. He missed Yoko.

You don't know what you have until you loose it. Yoko needed more space. A person can't be alone and shaking, she thought. He was ready to go back, wanted to go. John was drunk and depressed.

It was a productive time for Yoko Ono. Work together with Andy Warhol. Did she get it right? John came back with a basic crew and the wall and bridges album.

Recording the album, they were all sober and the quality was better: In the final stage to get finals into the album. It was Beatles again.

Promote the album: Walls and bridges. It was the communication. Overwhelmed by the moment. Radio interview. Rain this afternoon. Fair and cool, man.

Let's get a little more serious and talk about immigration. Taxidriver asking, are you still here? 30 days out of the country. I like to live here, I've a loud mouth.

Happy with the new album. They kept doing the deporting after Watergate. Nixon was kicked out of office, but the bureucrates continued to do their work.

In the middle of a new album. Charming, vitty and bright. Put it in the window now. Record store, open your doors.

This is a E71 reporting with typo and grammar faults. It's a continuous text streaming based on fast writing. I'll make some corrections later.

Madison Square Garden, super, super excited. The whole place reacted like an earth quake. He wasn't the working class hero.

I held my tears, says Yoko Ono. Too bad. It was a lovely performance when they were together.

It was a new life. The kind of man would fit into this; romantic ideas, Yoko Ono. Finally after four years he got his green card.

A Lennon-fan had a decision. They won the case. Lennon's four year battle is the testimony. The baby was born the next day. He was like a different person.

Turn into easy listening station.

Yoko has the talent to do business and the numbers. Talk about music with his son. He needed that time. He wanted to retire and become a daddy. He made bread at home. Taught Sean to swim.

John was working very hard every day. Sean drawing a monster. He was singing songs. Sung out of tune. Everything about him was different: his tone and steps were different.

Didn't want to bother with what's going on in the business. Got a call to make that record. Dad, husband and artist. We're rolling.

Sean's photo was his inspiration. Yoko started to get good reviews. John made more like MOR = middle of the road music. The Well album, turning 40 , middle aged man, wants to make music, visualizing all in the same age group.

Here am I, how is your relationship? Talking for hours in the album. The milk and honey part wasn't ready yet. He wanted to start over with rock and roll and make a world tour.

Elephant's memory session 8 - 9 years ago. The day he was shot December 8, 1980. Roosevelt Memorial Hospital. John has been shot. John died. He passed away.

- Wait, give me 15 minutes, Yoko Ono said. For some crazy reason she still hoped that after those 15 minutes he could still be alive.

All night listening to John's songs. It was difficult for Yoko and Sean to listen. Why would someone want to kill an artist?

Make 2 or 4 orders of Suzi. Listen all night to the music. Eternity. Watching the wheel and drive the damn truck. Even after all this time, we sat in the room and listened to the music.

This is an audition, you got to play with me. He still stays with me, vibrant and funny. I just had to let it go.

We'll change the tempo now. Durban, Australia.

His life: 1940 - 1980,  John Lennon's life.

E71 + me + speed creates grammer and typo.
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