Obama blues in USA

Everything is bad. The jobs are gone, nobody knows, will they ever come back. Lots of people had a of hope of better times. They wanted everything to change over night. It doesn't go that way: the bottom line is that the change will take a lot of time. Much more than the average voter is ready to accept.

People are looking at the political chaos and they are disillusioned. People are used to quick fixes, but instantaneous healing isn't possible.

The US industry has been exporting jobs over-seas for twenty years. The fix is going to take at least that time.

The working class is struggling. The unemployment rate is close to ten percent and much higher in areas like Milwaukee with a high number of Afro-American working class citizens.

The manufacturing Mekka is gone, jobs have been exported and might never come back.
  • Hoplessness
  • People can't get jobs
  • Lots of people are invisible
  • They don't look for jobs anymore
Hunger Task Force is trying to help. It's hard for people that have been cut off the unemployment compensation.

Some people do still have "here and there" jobs. Water Street Brewery sign on the screen. Obama promises to bring back the jobs: "We're going to bring back the jobs and turn around the economy."

Transitional jobs are needed to carry over to times when the private sector is ready to grow again. But how to undo a disruptive trend in the industry that has been going on for decades.

GM closes Janesville production plant. The whole community is "For Sale". The auto-impact was 5 100 but the total devastating blow was more then 10 000 jobs less in Janesville.

People try to keep pieces together. Kids are helping to work things out. Wife is traveling to work at a long distance: living in another state. Husband goes to therapy, trying to cope with the family's depressive situation.

The closures have wrecked the life of thousands of families. People need help to handle their stress. There is a growing demand for counseling. Job-seekers are being rejected so much that they aren't able to continue to search.

Food-lines are getting longer. Rock County's single womens shelter is for those who have lost their jobs. They have to leave apartments and look for shelter.
  • Hard to find work
  • Looking for more than a year
  • Not even jobs as a waitress
- They don't make you feel bad at the shelter, people are good, but impossible to get jobs. Nothing is available, not washing dishes or making hamburgers.

The transition from old economy to new appears as very painful. More and more people use the job centers as their permanent addresses. They have no place to live. Houses are gone, can't afford to live in a rented apartment.

The price of houses has dropped. There is a lot of people looking for jobs. People loosing their benefits are in real trouble. Those with kids, a house mortgage, loans, and family to take care off are in a very difficult situation.

- The promise of Jamesville is the promise of America, said Obama. Obama did what he possibly could but after his visit they closed the GM plant.

People who don't like Obama think he is anti-Christ, a Muslim, socialist, etc. The health-care plan probably exhausted him. One out of ten Americans don't have a job and the prospects are grim.

Stimulus packages are available for those who want to start own businesses but the unemployment rate is still rather high.

The next election might lead to a shift in power but the "lunatics" might be back in power when the president is elected.

How are 15 million unemployed and the young generation going to vote? Obama did make a lot of promises about a "turn-around". Now these promises appear as unrealistic.

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