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The Eurotunnel was a huge European building project.

Now we can travel back and fort with high-speed trains Paris London Paris.

This picture was taken in the month of November 1991 or 1992.

Meeting at Basecamp

We're sitting around the fire and planning to take Finnish harvesters and forwarders to France.

The thing got started, organized and Nokka-Kone harvesters became a regular business.

The ideas about Digital Villages and Digital Wood surfaced.

There is still plenty to do. Cut to measure is a Nordic invention.

It feels so different

Some people think they should move to a new school district when they face abnormal developments.

Let's wait and see how to deal with the bi-polar issue.
They move to meet with specialists.

She creates a self-portrait. The girl was hearing voices.

What should these parents do? They are on their own now.

Some of them (bi-polar personality) become outstanding campers, artists or painters but it's really hard for their parents to adapt.

The birds were singing

We're in the middle of the coldest winter climate but yesterday I listened to the birds singing in the center of Sotkamo. It's cold again, days are getting longer. We'd some sun today, the nature looks good.

Well, at least while you're visiting San Fransisco, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Vancouver, Montreal and Atlanta you could look up some of my old friends. Besides, you could start looking for those especially interested in Digital Villages and the Future Store.

I'm once again remainded of lucky I've been to collide with so many great people during the past forty years all around the globe.