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Digital Villages is bigger than a store

The Apple Store in New York is a great and inspiring model, but DV goes for the economical, social, and cultural evolution of a community, town or city.

Not an easy task, but the mental tools are there to help people to get involved in large scale collaboration; to make a better world.

The English model of 5T has to be redefined.

The core idea is to activate people and to get them engaged. We start with the first tool:

- Goal
- Action
- Feelings
- Knowledge
- Determination

The Finnish ICT industry

Finnish high-tech, innovation and ICT has been revolving around Nokia for two decades.

This about to change. Nokia has been in trouble for years with its smart phones portfolio and strategy.

We've, as a country, to diversify and find new routes.

Nokia has become too big for Finland and is not anymore willing to drag the old national ecosystem behind it to various parts of the globe.

ICT subsuppliers are in trouble after the announcement that Nokia joint-ventures with Microsoft to create a new operating sytem for smart phones.