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Social Media for self-presentation and customer relationships

Social media gives us multiple new tools to play with self-presentation and customer relationships. Mobile devices are expanding our possibilities for interaction from anyplace and everywhere.The social and mobile noises are everywhere. We hear, read and see so many different things in our day. Blogs, microblog conversations, background news, speeches, lectures, gossip, advise... there is so much all around us. How are we able to cope with all the stuff made available.How much of it do I pay attention to? My subconscious hears everything... the information flow is actually programming the day. If I get loads of spam messages to my inbox, I get irritated, or even angry. If I go into a social environment with soft-spoke discussion, it puts you me in a peaceful mood. Every single day I hear people speaking to me, but am I always really listening to what they say? Do I listen to the world and people around me and pay close attention to what they have to say?  Do I take in the good, and a…