Social Media for self-presentation and customer relationships

december_2010 120 Social media gives us multiple new tools to play with self-presentation and customer relationships.

Mobile devices are expanding our possibilities for interaction from anyplace and everywhere.

The social and mobile noises are everywhere. We hear, read and see so many different things in our day.

Blogs, microblog conversations, background news, speeches, lectures, gossip, advise... there is so much all around us. How are we able to cope with all the stuff made available.

How much of it do I pay attention to?

My subconscious hears everything... the information flow is actually programming the day. If I get loads of spam messages to my inbox, I get irritated, or even angry. If I go into a social environment with soft-spoke discussion, it puts you me in a peaceful mood.

Every single day I hear people speaking to me, but am I always really listening to what they say?

Do I listen to the world and people around me and pay close attention to what they have to say?  Do I take in the good, and am I able to leave out the bad:

  • Taking good advice from good people.
  • I might also get bad advice from people.
  • I should listen, ask questions, decide for myself.
  • I did always take notes to be able to reflect on valuable information.
  • I use the information… but do I really understand it?

The question is whether social media, without its boundaries-free structure is able to help me to become a better person:

  • Do I understand learning technique that aids my memory?
  • Sometimes information with high level of intimacy is too invasive, virtual and imprisoning for healthy self-development?

I work with an overview to the history of personal innovation, risk taking, opportunity search, market penetration and globalization of  SME’s business operations.

The journey towards the networking digital villages and individual collaborating entrepreneurs started in the early 70s and has been a continuous process since the initiation... long time ago.

The next step will be a better understanding of virtual organizations, co-creation, open source methodology, global open innovation.

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