Living in an isolated digital village

Canon_April24_2009 005The future store means different things to people living in remote rural areas compared to those who’ve shopping centers and huge malls around them.

Sotkamo is a small municipality with eleven thousand inhabitants and about 5 000 to 10 000 tourists during the high seasons.

In search for networking talent and routes for better life: I’m working to find digital solutions to bring us closer to things  needed at 1) work 2) for play 3) and learning.

We try to cultivate non-stop innovation and to enhance day-to-day business survival skills, seeking for advanced virtual competitiveness through constant learning.

The digital revolution, Internet, social media and crowd-sourcing have been around for quite some time. All these new tools help us to get the big picture about life at large in the global village.

My motivation is also to understand how all these wonderful digital tools can improve the quality of life for those who are living in digitally distressed areas where the access to information and face to face collaboration is increasingly difficult.

Sotkamo is a great laboratory for these explorations.

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