Open data in mining, processing and energy industries

I’d like to talk with you about mining, processing of raw-materials and the sustainability in process industries.

Tremendous new open data application possibilities in the field of:

  1. Energy production, sustainable energy, green technology
  2. Mining and processing of raw-materials
  3. Water

The technology industries I'm concerned about are:

  1. Intelligent measurement techniques and technologies
  2. Automation of processes and open information
  3. Open data in information retrieval
  4. Open innovation and collaboration

The solutions are not only about technology:

  1. Lawyers
  2. Politicians
  3. People, individuals, citizens
  4. Local, regional and national authorities
  5. Policy makers
  6. Environmentalists
  7. Communities
  8. Regional policy developers
  9. Investors
  10. Risk management: risk managers
  11. Insurance companies
  12. Industries
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