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Cloud Computing IBM 15.6.2010

I participated in a cloud computing seminar at IBM Finland in June 2010. The themes discussed were:
smart traffic systemssmart oil fieldssmart foodsmart health caresmart energy gridssmart retailsmart supply chain managementsmart countriessmart weathersmart cities and communitiessmart wellness managementsmart planet We’ll have one trillion connected devices by 2011. The cloud can be used to connect software, hardware and services into pre-integrated systems. Resources are virtualized to automate service management into standardized service entities.  The cloud delivers services over the Internet regardless of location. They are scaled to meet the needs of the users.
The cloud means moving from customized to configurable What does the cloud mean for IT enabled businesses?
less technology shiftingeasy to change business modelsvirtualizedstandardizedautomated We’re able to do more with less to ensure high-quality services. A breakthrough of agility and reducing risks at the same time.  The…