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One day in my life

The default map now shows all visitors. To only show the past 24 hours, replace vmap in your code with vThe default map now shows all visitors. To only show the past 24 hours, replace vmap in your code with vm24. Posterize or Captionate this map.It would be impossible to reach these people with traditional printing and advertising.I’ve been around in the Internet for nearly two decades. My digital footprint is getting larger. My point of view has changed several times.Still, I’m not sure about my personal message or what impact I’d like to make.Internet is an open space and it’s up to you to decide if there is any value in my postings.Internet wasn’t very big 1994. The Fax was still the most practical tool for global collaboration.We invented FAX-art. Ten years later DigiArt. What will happen 2014? Location
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The German Nuclear Moratorium

The Germans decided after the disaster in Fukushima to move away from nuclear energy production.

At the same time, we plan to build  two new nuclear facilities in Finland.

A third new reactor is under construction in Olkiluoto.

When the new plants are ready before 2020, we've seven nuclear reactors.

The oldest are in Loviisa.

The man in the picture is the German Umweltminister Norbert Röttger, 45.

This week in Helsinki

Participated in Cisco Expo 2011 Helsinki: collaboration, telepresence, cloud computing, virtualization, service automation, innovation, etc.

The theme "Let's Innovate Together"

Innovation is the key to competitiviness

New technologies are supporting Open Innovation

The importance of video and telepresence

Unified Collaboration

Distance Work

Going Digital 15.061996 at 17h12

Going digital was on my mind 1996 – fifteen years ago – when I wrote a letter, fax and email about “my future sawmill” and the need to become familiar with new networking practices.My first goal was to send “electronic postcards” [SMS] to my collaborating working team. The same tools can be used to communicate with business associates and clients.Cyber-wood Centre Commercial was a metaphor describing the Digital Direct Channel (DDC). DDC would help us to increase the market share. The vision was at that time [1996] that clients and consumers would discontinue old-fashioned shopping of timber and building components.Customer would select their own news sourcesCentralized marketing and mindset manipulation would be out-of-date The clients would be surfing the “woods wide web” for accurate and relevant informationIt would be impossible to reach young potential buyers through television or print media advertising (young clients were not watching anymore) My conclusion: people wouldn’t hav…