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Going digital was on my mind 1996 – fifteen years ago – when I wrote a letter, fax and email about “my future sawmill” and the need to become familiar with new networking practices.

My first goal was to send “electronic postcards” [SMS] to my collaborating working team. The same tools can be used to communicate with business associates and clients.

Cyber-wood Centre Commercial was a metaphor describing the Digital Direct Channel (DDC). DDC would help us to increase the market share. The vision was at that time [1996] that clients and consumers would discontinue old-fashioned shopping of timber and building components.

  • Customer would select their own news sources
  • Centralized marketing and mindset manipulation would be out-of-date
  • The clients would be surfing the “woods wide web” for accurate and relevant information
  • It would be impossible to reach young potential buyers through television or print media advertising (young clients were not watching anymore)
  • My conclusion: people wouldn’t have the time or motivation to spend endless hours watching television'

We’ve to find new tools and means to get in touch with them while “on the road” in their cars. To talk with our customers during lunch-time. When they arrived at the hotel. Anywhere and anytime when they were working.

Some of these estimates are partially true today. It takes time to move from off-line to true and ubiquitous direct digital collaboration.

I did have a clue about what was coming fifteen years ago. But most of my writings from those early days are early warning signals and the signal to noise ratio is pretty high.

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