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Watching Nokia World 2011 London Live

I did watch the live opening of Nokia World 2011 London. Now, in the afternoon, watching the ondemand video delivery to learn more about the Nokia Microsoft Windows presentations.Nokia is positioning itself for a come-back. The Nokia Lumia is the new top-of-the-line smart phone. The look is close to N9 – the Meego thing that has been receiving good reviews.They are launching two new smart phones: the Lumia and a more affordable version with Windows software.The team is doing a much better work than a year ago. I still don’t have very much comment from press and the blogosphere.The Nokia Lumia phones will be delivering in November. User experience will be available in the coming weeks.

Pisa, Italy

Originally uploaded by Helge V. Keitel Pisa, Italy | Early morning breakfast. This picture reminds about a new project we're plannin concerning business and travel operations to China and other Asian countries.
Videoconferencing using Webex for mobile collaboration Visualization of products and services (video, mp3, pictures)
Cost-effective presentations to large on-line viewer groups
Customized package tours for selected travel agents in Asia
Knowledge based guidance at destinations in Finland Communication channels: FB, G+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, Ning, Digital Villages as development platform, Wiki for collaboration.

Distance Work 08 06 2011

Originally uploaded by Helge V. Keitel 08062004 I suppose. This picture was taken by Kurt Linderoos during Digital Villages people visit to Espoo and Tapiola.

He was then a proud owner of a modern pocket sized digital camera. Kurt's documentation has evolved from picturing to video recording.

We got a hands-on presentation about distance and telework: yesterday - today - tomorrow.

I'm writing this posting from a "tomorrows" perspective. Seven years later, we know the impact and possibilities of social networking.

Kurt Linderoos and myself did have a hunch about what was about to come in the very beginning of 21'st century... or probably a little before ;)

But there is  still a lot to do. We've better computers, programs and mobile devices, but the average man and woman is still confused with the prospects, features, benefits, and advantages of Social Intelligence.

Focusing on China / Asia market research

Originally uploaded by Helge V. Keitel The helgeeiffel picture goes back to 1997. Working with a new international theme for the spring and summer 2012.

Looking for opportunities in China
International bioenergy operations
Measurement and control projects
Mining, Environmental, Forestry and Energy
Wood building projects