Distance Work 08 06 2011

Originally uploaded by Helge V. Keitel
08062004 I suppose. This picture was taken by Kurt Linderoos during Digital Villages people visit to Espoo and Tapiola.

He was then a proud owner of a modern pocket sized digital camera. Kurt's documentation has evolved from picturing to video recording.

We got a hands-on presentation about distance and telework: yesterday - today - tomorrow.

I'm writing this posting from a "tomorrows" perspective. Seven years later, we know the impact and possibilities of social networking.

Kurt Linderoos and myself did have a hunch about what was about to come in the very beginning of 21'st century... or probably a little before ;)

But there is  still a lot to do. We've better computers, programs and mobile devices, but the average man and woman is still confused with the prospects, features, benefits, and advantages of Social Intelligence.
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