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People are still afraid about the Net

There must be a reason why companies and individuals still are afraid to express their opinions on Internet or in social media.

Open society isn't a reality for everyone.

There're limits and borderlines, but we should continue stretching them.

Break the rules, step out from conventions.

I've been preaching openess for a long time, but still feeling like we're in the beginning.

Open innovation and collaboration doesn't come easy.

The reasons for so many persons holding back and hoping for a more secure digital environment isn't completely clear for me.

In my opionion, the really scary things do happen in the real world... not in the virtual.

Spinning out of control

I have a foreboding feeling that economic growth is spinning out of control in Europe.

We're most probably experiencing battlefield blindness, where the fighters only know and see what happens where they are standing (moving) but are dimly aware that great wheels of action are whirling in the dust and fog around them.

Open innovation and collaboration offers a cost-effective way for blogal data mining and market research.

We can creat new sales and distribution channels to reach new customers.

There is a tremendous sleeping potential ;)