Outlining the goals for the coming months

Taiwan We started the KK-Network coverage with Taiwan
China Let’s figure out and present the target areas in China
What could we tell about Hong-Kong? Hsuen-chu, take some time to make some market research about interesting companies and themes
Oulu One of the hyper-local target areas in Finland
Invest in Finland Building a long term relationship between Taiwan, China, Hong-Kong and selected areas in Finland
Export What could we export to Asia?
Import What should we import from Asia?
The Technopolis close to the Helsinki International Airport (Vantaa) Presenting the routes Finnair is flying to Asia
Kainuu Kajaani, Renforsinranta, Measurepolis, Katinkulta, the Sotkamo area, Snowpolis, tourism and leisure industry

Irja Kallio hopes that we should start to make customer visits in June to present KK-Net services and communication solutions to clients in the Oulu region. What can we offer?

KK-Net Strategic partner for increased productivity!
Digital Villages A practical framework for distance work, open innovation, global collaboration, networking, crowdsourcing, social media, iTraining
Small and clearly defined assignments, trouble shooting, problem solving
5D Data, Dedication, Desire, Destination, Do-it (in Finnish: 5T tieto tunne tahto tavoite toiminta)
Bioeconomy, biomass, bioenergy, biofuels, biotechnology, chp, micro-chp
Cross-border collaboration and how to bridge cultural and linguistic barriers
Meditech Medical electronics, Cost-effective Point of Care diagnostics
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