Writing about life in Finland in Chinese and Taiwanese

2012-03-26 01.02.34Hsuen-chu Chloe LEE, let’s start posting short stories with pictures about Finland, Oulu, Kajaani, and Sotkamo in Chinese, Taiwanese. Also add short translations in English. You will be working as a business and lifestyle web-journalist searching for things, events, activities and personalities that catches your eye.

Daily observations
People you meet
The food you eat
Shops you visit

Interview people, ask if you can write about them in your blogs, G+, and Facebook postings. Take photos and ask for permission for photo postings as well. Quote them and ask for their email so you can send the stories to them. This helps you to build a local network of friends and associates.

We should also go to the Kaleva newspaper and write a story about the biggest daily newspaper in the Oulu Region.

When we get started, we’re also going to focus on businesses and organizations. But the combination of daily life and business will probably bring more viewers and comments.

Irja hopes that we’ll soon make a visit to the Oulu Technopolis and interview people there as well. I’m also preparing for interviews in Kajaani and Sotkamo.

It’s my plan to expand the interviews with podcasts (Mp3) and webcasts (YouTube).

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