Interviewing Social Media and Open Learning Innovators

Hsuen-Chu (Chloe) LEE and myself are planning to interview Finnish / International technology, biotechnology, social media, Internet, and open learning activists during the coming weeks and months.

We’ve already prepared a list of interesting personalities. Links to the interviews, blogs and podcasts will be added to this posting when they have been published.
  1. Pauliina Mäkelä, Entrepreneur, Lempaala [Tampere] (The Twitter Queen and Kinda'st Social Media Trainer on the Globe)
  2. Linmi Tao, Professor, Bejing University (Ambient Assisted Living / Social Embedded Technology)  
  3. Ilkka Pirttimaa, Blind Square iPhone & iPad Apps, Helsinki
  4. Irmeli Aro, Lappeenranta Technical University, Espoo
  5. Heikki Hallantie, Aalto University, Espoo
  6. Ari Kormi, CEO,, Hungary
  7. Anne Rongas, Kymenlaakso
  8. Ville Venäläinen, Otava Opisto, Mikkeli
  9. Ossi Kuittinen, Sitra, Helsinki
  10. Hannu Linturi, Otava Opisto, Mikkeli
  11. Juha V. Mentu, Industry microbiologist, Jyväskylä
  12. Petteri Pavas, Entrepreneur, Espoo
  13. Markus Soimasuo, Histola Research, Jyväskylä
Our schedule is to make these interviews and digital presentations in June 2012. Publication platforms are
  1. Ning (English)
  2. Facebook (English, Chinese)
  3. G+ (English, Chinese)
  4. Blogs (FI, EN, SE)
The general questions we try to approach:
  1. What makes you special in the social media and / or open innovation scene?
  2. Your views about open learning, innovation environments, and methods?
  3. How can a small population / country survive in the global competition?
  4. What can we Finns offer to Asia and other countries on the globe?
  5. What could we learn from Asian countries and people?
  6. In which fields should or could we collaborate to build a better world?
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