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How to get feelings into tech writing

Almost every blogger at some point has trouble writing about things that are repeatedly new and interesting. I occasionally stop writing some of my blogs to avoid repeating myself or even worse: having nothing to say!I do convince myself, there’s a value to write notes for myself and nothing more. I don't need an audience for everything. Some things are for my eyes only. Why should I bother about readers? Nevertheless, I love to share words, pictures, ideas and thoughts. The narcissist in me also enjoys the attention, whenever there is a mention.The biggest thing wrong with some of my postings concerning technology and innovations is that there doesn't seem to be a reason for the readers to consume the information. Or at least, to write comments.  I seldom get comments about “good” or “bad” blog postings. Facebook is the place where my friends are more outgoing and interactive.I'm contradicting myself, I love to have more readers, and consequently need to write better blo…

Direct to Customer Distribution Channel

Imagine, this was my humble idea about the woods wide web 1995. We were working with UPM – United Paper Mills – in France and the biggest French sawmill in Niederhashlach. Great, we’d a pretty good idea about the use of mobile technology to support the Fast Fresh Flow of timber to the sawmill. Our ideas represented appropriate use of digital data to improve the profitability of supply chain operations.Today, seventeen years later, most of that is available for everyone. Still, the use of Fast Fresh Flow is far from optimized.

Why Apple Made it

We read confusing stories about the Apple iPhone. The company didn’t spend a dime on marketing while the media grasped the product from the very beginning. iPhone became the most admired gadget in the blogosphere and social media surrounding. But Apple did a lot of marketing research, the company knew very well what the general public was expecting. They did have a very smart product placement program: iPhones and iPads are now seen in Hollywood movies. Facebook and Twitter is now getting the same treatment on a global scale. We’re experiencing the first ever Social Media driven Olympics in London 2012.  Nokia never grasped the importance of global brand building in collaboration within the open & free environment. My conclusion: they didn’t have the right product at the right time.

In search for excellence

I’m back from Spain and in Finland. It’s raining outside: we’re getting more rain than needed. The water level in our lake is higher than ever. This has been an exceptional summer. The 35 – 40 C heat in Madrid and Toledo and it has been raining most of the summer in Finland. Sad for those who had to stay at home. Clean water is an important asset on the global scale. A billion people on this earth do not have clean water to drink, cook, or to wash themselves.The Finnish company Kemira Oyj is a big player in the field of water treatment. They are slashing 270 people from their workforce as a cost cutting operation.The Stockholm Water Festival is an important Scandinavian event. I’ve been following it for more than twenty years. A great idea built around something that is more important than oil. We can live without oil, but water is essential for the survival of species and races. Today I wrote in Facebook: Water is coming like from the famous Finnish Lady Ester's bottom (Finnish t…