How to get feelings into tech writing

biotechtouch Almost every blogger at some point has trouble writing about things that are repeatedly new and interesting. I occasionally stop writing some of my blogs to avoid repeating myself or even worse: having nothing to say!

I do convince myself, there’s a value to write notes for myself and nothing more. I don't need an audience for everything. Some things are for my eyes only. Why should I bother about readers?

Nevertheless, I love to share words, pictures, ideas and thoughts. The narcissist in me also enjoys the attention, whenever there is a mention.

The biggest thing wrong with some of my postings concerning technology and innovations is that there doesn't seem to be a reason for the readers to consume the information. Or at least, to write comments.  I seldom get comments about “good” or “bad” blog postings. Facebook is the place where my friends are more outgoing and interactive.

I'm contradicting myself, I love to have more readers, and consequently need to write better blogs, news reports, and stories.  

The most important thing to describe is how things or services feel. I guess, Apple has been a world leader in getting out the message of how iPhone, iPad and some of their other gadgets feel. Who else is good on HIGH-TOUCH?

I’m waiting for the next big thing when they launch iPhone 5. Curious, are they going to do it without Steve Jobs? NeXT computer… there will be a new Apple iPad. Does the world go crazy when that one hits the street?

It might be a good idea to use more interviews and dialogues to get the "feelings" into tech: that's why we've biotechtouch!

But do we understand the importance of familiarizing reports? There should be much more interviews, more touching comments, but still holding to facts and the truth of things. Whatever the truth in science and tech is.

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