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2011-09-01 11.28.47

I’m back from Spain and in Finland. It’s raining outside: we’re getting more rain than needed. The water level in our lake is higher than ever. This has been an exceptional summer.

The 35 – 40 C heat in Madrid and Toledo and it has been raining most of the summer in Finland. Sad for those who had to stay at home.

Clean water is an important asset on the global scale. A billion people on this earth do not have clean water to drink, cook, or to wash themselves.

The Finnish company Kemira Oyj is a big player in the field of water treatment. They are slashing 270 people from their workforce as a cost cutting operation.

The Stockholm Water Festival is an important Scandinavian event. I’ve been following it for more than twenty years. A great idea built around something that is more important than oil. We can live without oil, but water is essential for the survival of species and races.

Today I wrote in Facebook: Water is coming like from the famous Finnish Lady Ester's bottom (Finnish translation not needed ;).

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