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We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

PICTURE: Helge V. Keitel, Naapurinvaara, Sotkamo, Finland (22.12.2012)Returning back home from the Kontiomäki Railway station with Samuli. It was –30 C outside. You can see Vuokatinvaarat in the background. It has been cold outside but the snow covered nature looks so good.Happy Christmas to all of You!

Denver Open Coffee Club

PICTURE: Helge V. Keitel. Sotkamo, Finland (2011)The Simpukka Coffee Shop doesn’t exist anymore, but I got the idea to write about the Denver Open Coffee Club based on a Facebook posting by my long time Internet friend Paul W. Swansen. I used to go to this place to read newspapers and to have a cup of coffee. I’ve posted tweets from Simpukka, but the place has been taken down over a year ago.This past Tuesday, the Denver Open Coffee Club [#DOCC] had a wonderful discussion around apprenticeship.- I have leveraged my years of experience in consumer web, social media, branding and consumer insights to create a comprehensive methodology that helps brand align their business objectives, brand and messaging, writes Monique Elwell in her blog. I heard [or learned] Bill Clinton speak about how last year Mexico graduated 130,000 engineers, that’s more than half of what the U.S. did last year!- Just about every social media expert tells you that you need to “have a conversation” with your fans …

Ilkka Pirttimaa and Blind Square as number one in Barcelona

BlindSquare attended mobile applications competition OpenCities App Challenge in Barcelona, Spain, as a part of the Smart City Expo which took place from 13-15 November 2012.The organizers were seeking applications using open data and solving a real problems in citizens’ every day urban life. There were 113 European competitors participating and ten (10) best apps were judged in front of a live jury in Barcelona. In his presentation, Ilkka Pirttimaa gave special thanks to the blind community and Blind Square users helping him to develop a winning solution in close collaboration with him and his company. Short time, great statisticsJust in 6 months, 4 major Blind Square releases, bringing totally of 39  new features during this time. All based on responses that the developer received from the community; now 113 apps on a map.- I’m glad to tell you that Blind Square won, says Mr. Ilkka Pirttimaa and promises to use the 3 000 € price money wisely to enable future development.There is a …